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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

If you rent your home, you should strongly consider protecting yourself with a renters insurance policy. Just because your landlord has insurance coverage on the structure you’re living in, that doesn’t mean you or your possessions are covered. The coverage experts at Bush Insurance of Pennsylvania can find the perfect renter's insurance policy for you.

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

If you are renting an apartment or home, you are a candidate for renters insurance. Sometimes a landlord will require you to purchase coverage. College students living in off-campus housing can buy it as well. In most cases, college students living on-campus in dormitories are covered by their parents’ homeowners' policy.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance protects you and your property from damages, theft, and liability. If a thief breaks into your apartment, renters insurance will help with the cost of replacing those stolen items. Renters insurance can also cover your property if something is stolen when you are away from home, like if your laptop is taken out of your locker at the gym.

My Roommate Has Renters Insurance – is that Good Enough?

If your roommate has a renters insurance policy and your name isn’t on it, your possessions are not covered. You need to secure your coverage or purchase a shared policy with your roommate.

What if I am Already Moved in?

Renters insurance coverage can go into effect at any time, not just when you move into your home. It will help you with your property and liability.

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The experts at Bush Insurance can sit down with you and explain your renter's insurance coverage options. Call us at 814-398-8601 to schedule an appointment. Visit our office to speak with one of our Pennsylvania agents personally. Renters insurance covers a lot - but costs very little.