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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Small business owners in Pennsylvania are looking for commercial insurance options that not only have the required coverages but offer supplemental policies for ultimate protection. At Bush Insurance, our policies come with the required worker's compensation insurance coverage and commercial auto insurance if the business uses a vehicle. Below are some other options available with commercial insurance.

General Liability Coverage

Should a customer or public patron experience damage in any capacity while on the business property, your business could be held responsible. With general liability coverage, you can get the necessary financial assistance to cover the costs of any damages that accumulate from this claim.

Business Owner's Policy

This policy is designed to assist the business owner in lawsuits where customers experience bodily injury or property damage while on the business property. Ultimately, it is a comprised policy of liability and property damage coverage tailored into one policy. This policy can provide coverage for any equipment that may also be used in conjunction with the business and could potentially cause damage.

Cyber Liability Coverage

With the growing need for technology, storing sensitive customer data online through a database is the most efficient practice for most businesses. Unfortunately, that leaves a risk of hacking where information can be infiltrated and stolen. Should your database fall victim to a cybercrime, you will have financial assistance to cover any damages associated with the crime.

Professional Liability Coverage

Many Pennsylvania businesses are successful at advising or servicing their customers on a professional level. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and the guidance could lead their customers to losses from time to time. With this liability coverage, you can protect your employees and business when their mistakes cost your customers.

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